Thursday, October 30, 2014

New Beginnings

So today I decided that its time for a new blog .... and was musing about appropriate names.  Its always good to start a new blog. Its like starting a new identity ....just see what happens.   Also, i decided  that I need to be much more informal.  I guess it comes with age ....

So how do you name a blog  .... well, depends what you want to accomplish ....and this one is really not about accomplishing anything in particular. Just a stream of consciousness  ...  So the first word is confessions ... Why confessions ... it sounded good.  Confessions are in.  Actually, not too long ago ( a few years? long is relative) I read The Confessions of St. Augustine.  I think I read it a long time ago, but then, I really didn't remember much and so, I think I REALLY read it  (as in studying what it said) only a few years ago.  And I was impressed.  This guy could easily have written it in the last few decades, except that is usually placed around between AD 397 and AD 398, so that's like 1600+ years ago.  And so I chose confessions.  [I am not a celebrity and there's nothing juicy going on, so if you're looking for that  ... it ain't here babe ...].

That I ? physicist' is part of existence [at least in this 4D slice of the universe], and so physicist had to go in the title. It could have been something else, but physicist is part of the story ... ?  stands for something like am or was or will be or had been or wanted to be --- So now I am looking for an adjective... So what should that adjective be?  I thought about 'reformed', but that wasn't quite it, and recovering has a certain appeal,  Miriam (Webster) offers this:

recovering adjective
: in a state in which you have stopped or are trying to stop a behavior (such as drinking alcohol or using drugs) that you have been doing for a long time and that is harmful to you
:  being in the process of overcoming a disorder or shortcoming <a recovering alcoholic> <a still-bookish recovering academic with a tendency to live in his head — Jon Spayde>

That last part sounds pretty interesting "recovering academic with a tendency to live in his head"
I might be doing some of that, or may have done some or a lot of that. I just never thought of  being a physicist and "being in the process of overcoming being a physicist" or  "being a physicist" as a disorder,  or "being a physicist" as a shortcoming.    Just goes to show that one has to expand one's horizons  .....

But this offers SO much promise, and so many openings, that  I am sticking with my recovering physicist shtick.

and that's the first blog entry  .... maybe there will be more  ...

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